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 www.SimplyLocal.life started in February 2017 to inspire travel in Jamaica by residents and visitors alike. It has since grown beyond what I fathomed, allowing me to meet great people, learn about quality local businesses, create mutually-beneficial relationships, as well as provide a creative outlet and means to continue learning.

Besides inspiring travel and collaborating with brands to share excursions, SimplyLocal.life has so far produced 2 interactive e-magazines highlighting Jamaican products and articles. A number of discounts are also available to website followers, both locally and overseas!

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About SimplyLocal.life Creator

Heylo! I’m Jhunelle

I was born in St. Andrew, Jamaica some 20-something years ago and have lived here ever since. For the last couple years, my life has been enchanted by wanderlust. The constant desire to travel was sparked by captivating images of places beyond the scope of my room, many of which I learned were within my home country. There are so many places in the world I wish to experience, why not start at home?

Fun Facts

• All this fun-loving spirit is compacted into a 5’2” stature

• Besides Jamaica, I’ve visited 4 countries (aka not nearly enough)

• I’d love to become a flight attendant

• River outings are my favourite, followed by mountains

Blogging eventually became its own job, something completely unexpected but welcomed. Besides being a blogger, I’m a full-time digital marketer, website content manager and designer. This core skill set has led to the learning and enhancement other abilities such as photography, videography, photo editing, and newsletter creation.