One New Year’s Eve in particular, a change of scenery was desired, specifically dinner with a view. The initial view in mind was the popular midnight firework display at the Waterfront in Downtown Kingston, which meant dinner would ideally be either by the sea or on a hill. A banner by City View Hotel, which I’ve looked at and past for years, suddenly popped into memory (this speaks to the power of advertising, no matter how small).

Located on the same hill as Chateau Belle (Click to Claim Discount)

City View Hotel

The location’s panoramic view of Kingston city was just as mesmerizing as depicted, which influenced the purchase of 2 tickets for a New Year’s Eve dinner they were hosting. Chairs and tables set on the lawn with no obstructive views of the city while mellow music from a live steel band plays in the background. Looking out and seeing nothing but the city lights makes the usual bustle of the town seem non-existent, it’s as if the only event taking place at the time is where you are; it relaxes you.

New Year Dinner Event in Kingston

A red wine to start shortly before the countdown to midnight commenced. At midnight, with our view we were treated to fireworks from downtown, uptown, and round town.

After the 15-minute electric display around town ceases, finally, dinner is served. Teased with soup, gungo peas puree with cream & a hint of mint, ugh! Taste buds tingle and  stomachs now in greater anticipation of what else is to come.


Dinner under the Stars at City View Hotel

A host of selections for the entrée, namely:

  • Jamaican herb grill chicken with sorrel chutney
  • Parmesan crusted fish fillet with lemon cream sauce
  • Rosemary roasted beef with red wine reduction
  • Coconut flavoured rice with sautéed coloured pepper
  • Candid sweet potato
  • 3 cheese macaroni casserole
  • Garden salad
  • Steamed seasonal vegetables with garlic confit

The ticket price on this occassion did not reflect the level of fanciness portrayed in the foods’ names! Every menu option was relished.

Dinner & Live Music in Kingston

The sounds of the steel band, in that atmosphere and at that soft tempo, makes it that much more relaxing. Only the crisp breeze kissing bare skin may prevent one from easily drifting into a pleasant sleep. A crooning elder later graces the small stage and hit after hit, has the crowd singing along to some old favourites. It was a nice touch to the evening, his song selections connected well as he walked around and made it his duty to interact with each group during his performance.

Travel Tip: Carry a scarf/jacket to keep warm

Live performances seemed like they were just getting started, but with our hearts (and bellies) content, we thanked the staff for a lovely evening and made our way out the door. Before getting into the car, you can’t help but stay in the parking lot a few more minutes to gaze at the view.

What are your New Year’s Eve celebration usually like?

All ideas welcome to help me plan next year!


  • Delectability 80% 80%
  • Food Variety 80% 80%
  • Staff Interactions 80% 80%
  • Ambiance 90% 90%

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