In a previous post, 5 romantic outings were listed in the spirit of our 5–year relationship anniversary. My partner & I wanted to dine somewhere new to commemorate the occasion, somewhere that we thought might be able to make that list, and ultimately decided on Nirvanna Indian Fusion Cuisine.

Walking in, you’re appropriately greeted with a huge picture of Buddha complemented by a glittering bowl of lotus flowers beneath it. Seated towards the large glass windows at the side of the building, I had a view of the night’s street scene with darting car lights and coloured illuminations of adjacent businesses while my partner had a view of the establishment’s inner layout as he got cosy in his broad, cushioned throne. The seating on our side of the restaurant is more ideal for small dates (1-3 persons per table), while the rest has a lovely set up for group dinners. I didn’t get the vibe of a Friday night chill spot here, the atmosphere seems more fitting for special celebratory meals and intimate rendezvous. The lighting has the hue of an orange sunset just before twilight, deliberately dimmed, mimicking the glow of an enhanced candlelight.

The food menu, which was dominated by chicken, mutton, and curry dishes, was quickly provided along with a drink menu. Not being very familiar with Indian cuisine, we took some extra time to peruse the menu before an attentive waiter offered to help with our final decisions. This was probably the fastest time I’ve ever been presented with my plate at a restaurant; I didn’t even have a chance to admire food at someone else’s table!

Starting with an appetizer, we shared a roomali roti roll with mutton and vegetables, served with the options of 2 contrasting sauces. The maroon-coloured sauce added a sweet and tangy flavour, while the green sauce added heat, allowing different experiences depending on which you poured on your roll; I alternated sauces with each bite 🙂 Very shortly after finishing the teaser dish, to my unexpected pleasure both the main courses were served simultaneously and in record time.

The chosen entrées were salmon pan-grilled and pork curry with a side of basmati rice and garlic cheese naan bread. The flat bread has the taste of garlic in every bite, not subtle enough to go unnoticed and not overpowering enough to leave it’s flavour (and smell) lingering in your mouth. The cheese is generously  distributed within the bread, and the combination can be very addictive. The salmon was sooo flaky! I could not, for the life of me, pick it up with a fork, it had to be scooped in with the help of a knife. The Indian spice marinade slathered on the fish complemented it well, not masking the taste of the salmon itself. I was surprised the pork curry wasn’t a yellow-green hue, as I expected a similar dish to curried goat, and was clearly very wrong. To push the shock up a notch, it tasted nothing like what I know to be curried meat, and the way the pork was cooked made it so soft that I briefly forgot what I was eating.

A lovely evening ended quicker than expected as like everything else, there was limited waiting time to receive and pay the bill; Nirvanna successfully established itself as a candidate for a romantic rendezvous favourite.

Nirvana is described as a place of perfect peace and happiness. In Hinduism and Buddhism, it is the highest state of enlightenment that someone can attain, where a person’s individual desires and suffering go away. The lotus flower is said to represent purity (as well as other positive traits), with different colours meaning different stages of enlightenment.

Try a foreign cuisine and relish in unfamiliar dishes and flavours, expand your palette and horizons.

What’s your favourite foreign cuisine eatery in Jamaica?

  • Delectability 85%
  • Food Variety 65%
  • Staff Interactions 80%
  • Ambiance 90%