Wooot! This post is honestly overdue, as I catch up on a few things. I’ve been nominated by a fellow writer, Rochelle of Adventures from Elle, for the Awesome Blogger Award 🙂 After 6 months, this is the first acknowledgment of its kind for Simply Local, and I’m humbled that it was praised by the blog I first followed. Adventures from Elle is similar to Simply Local, where it opens your eyes to places to go in Jamaica through recaps and reviews.

Awesome Blogger Award Nomination & Rules

Rochelle highlights budget-friendly venues, and also provides detailed directions, making it even easier to plan your next outing. She was also one of the gracious contributing authors to SimplyLocal.life’s e-magazine, launched earlier this month; thanks x 2, Roch!

The rules for this award are simple – thank your nominator (check), link to their blog (check), answer their 10 questions, and give 5+ people 10 of your own questions to answer. Well, here goes!

Meeting Rochelle in person for the 1st time at the inaugural Jamaica Coffee Festival

Rochelle’s Awesome Blogger Questions for Me

1. What’s one thing you have now for which you once prayed very hard to get?

Peace. A few years ago I suffered emotionally for some time, and all I wanted at that point was to rediscover my love for living. I have, even more than before, and for that I’m very grateful.

2. What’s your greatest pet peeve?

Tardiness. When making plans with others, I try to be ready early or on time. When someone keeps me waiting (especially without updates), I probably couldn’t be more annoyed.

3. What’s your least favourite music genre?

If I have to choose, I’d say country western music. I can’t recall ever being moved by a song, except maybe to change the station.

4. Movies or plays, and why?

Hard choice! I’ll go with movies, because of bigger availability and variety.

5. What inspired you to start a blog?

Last year I made a decision to explore and enjoy more of my home country. The more new places visited, was the more I wanted to see and share. I thought a blog might be a great way to help do that.

6. Favourite cuisine around the world?

Nut’n nuh nice like authentic Jamaican food!

7. Favourite fruit?

Otaheite apples. Am I alone???

8. What item(s) can you never leave the house with?

With? I can never leave the house with a satisfactory amount of sleep lol.

9. Have you been overseas before, & if so where?

Yes, I’ve been to:

  • Toronto (Canada)
  • London & Southampton (England)
  • Nassau (Bahamas)
  • Some cities in the USA (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, New York, New Jersey, Phoenix, LA, Atlanta).

If only the airport counts, I’ve been to Port-au-Prince (Trinidad) as well.

10. Pack your bags. I’ve handed you 4 return tickets. Where are you going?

Take me to France, South Africa, Cuba, and back to England, please.

My Awesome Blogger Picks

  1. The Amazing Ackee – The diversity of our national fruit is simply amazing! You’ve never thought to cook ackee like this.
  2. The Swiss Freis – Travel diaries of a Jamaican now living in Switzerland. Also highlights reggae’s HUGE global impact.
  3. 876Lover – Perfect for reggae and poetry lovers, especially if seeking events
  4. Shanny Di Lioness – Feel like you’re there enjoying activities in Jamaica & other Caribbean islands through video recaps
  5. Eat Roun’ Di Cut – A new blogger who has helped me choose where/what in Jamaica to eat next on more than 1 occasion

10 Questions for these Awesome Bloggers

  1. What inspired you to start blogging / vlogging?
  2. What’s your favourite parish in Jamaica to visit, and why?
  3. What are the top 3 things on your bucket list?
  4. Which countries have you visited outside of Jamaica?
  5. Besides blogging, what activity/ies take up a lot of your time?
  6. What’s your current job / career?
  7. What are 2 books you’d recommend, and why?
  8. Where’s the most recent place you’ve gotten to cross off your desired travel list?
  9. When you feel overwhelmed, what helps to relax you?
  10. Would you be open to doing a collab. with me 🙂 (to whom it may apply: …again)?